Agia Sophia Academy announcements

Thank you for Jazzing It Up:  A big thank you to everyone who joined us on May 3rd at the ASA Gala! We had an awesome 20's themed time and raised serious money for the school and eventual new building! Also, a grateful thank you to all those friends and parishioners who helped prepare for the event and donated auction items.

New Teacher and Classroom:  We've hired a new teacher, raised funds to furnish the classroom, and our students are excited to start this fall. This new classroom allows for additional enrollment spots, so come learn about our second grade classroom!  Contact the office at 503-641-4600 or online at We also have 2 openings for 3-yr-olds and 1 opening in K/1. Once these spots are taken, it will be waiting-list only for Montessori and the K/1 classroom!

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