Astoria Mission

There is a new mission parish, Holy Nativity Mission, in Hammond, Oregon near Astoria. They don’t have a set schedule, and the best thing is to call Fr. Kevin Lien at 503-467-8360 with any questions. The next service will be 9am matins and 10am liturgy on Sunday, April 1st.

The address of the mission church is: 867 5th Ave, Hammond, OR 97121

The picture is not of the actual church 🙂

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3 Responses to Astoria Mission

  1. Linda Andres says:

    Holy Nativity Mission is growing!  Our next liturgy will be on Sunday, June 24.   We encourage you to attend!

  2. Linda Andres says:

    The next service is scheduled for Sunday, August 12. Matins at 9 AM, Divine Liturgy at 10 AM. Please join us!

  3. Candy/Catherine Sollars says:

    Holy Nativity Eastern Orthodox Mission meets the first Sunday of each month for Divine Liturgy and the third Sunday of each month for a Reader’s Typica Service. All services start at 10:00 AM. Matins start at 8:30 AM when there is a Divine Liturgy scheduled. Services are held at the St. Francis de Sales Mission, 867 – 5th Ave., Hammond, OR. Following Liturgy and Typica Services, the congregation meets for lunch at a local restaurant. The Rector for this mission is Fr. Kevin Lien, Assistant Rector at the Church of the Annunciation in Milwaukie, OR

    Vesper’s are scheduled for the first Saturday of each month. Vesper’s is held at different members’ homes and is a potluck.

    For further information, or to inquire about addresses and/or directions, please contact Linda Andres @ 503.440.3930 or Steve Sollars @ 503.298.3453. Be sure to leave a message if you get their voice mails and they will call you back as soon as possible.

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