Fall Iconography Classes

The Hagia Theodora School of Byzantine Iconography is ready to welcome autumn with a new series of Master Study classes. The series for 2016-2017 is comprised of 8 separate classes, scheduled one Saturday each month. The classes are affordable in cost and efficient in time.

Rather than offering the typical kind of workshop where the student is hurried to complete a small icon within a matter of days, The School will offer a different, more holistic and academic approach to teaching iconography at large. The Master Study Series is based on creating “studies” of each process which will serve as a guide system to enlighten, inspire, and encourage the student as they continue novice icon-writing at home. Each Master Study class strives to give the student a ‘window’ into the true icon-writing process, a process that best develops over time by diligent application, patience, stillness and prayer.

The School also continues to offer The Apprenticeship Program, an advanced study where serious students (under spiritual direction) can learn icon writing by weekly, hands-on participation with the Master Instructor. These students actually help to write canonical icons that are commissioned by churches, patrons and supporters of the School.

Please see the attached flier for information on the upcoming class on October 1. Note that even though the flier says September 24, the class has been rescheduled. Please RSVP by 9/26.


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