OrthodoxNorthwest, the big brother

If you haven't been to OrthodoxNorthwest blog, you should go and check it out, especially if you like to travel around the beautiful Northwest. You can subscribe to their news and be informed of many Orthodox events in the area way before they take place. You will also find tons of useful links in their right column.

Although OrthodoxNorthwest is technically younger than OrthodoxPortland, it really looks like an older sibling should one judge by the contents. Of course, there will always be some overlap between their posts and ours, but we hope that each site serve its own purpose.

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2 Responses to OrthodoxNorthwest, the big brother

  1. Hey what a great post!!!   It must be the subject matter!    ; )   Seriously thanks for the plug I really appreciate it.  But as all brothers do I must disagree, I thought my site is older. I first published on Oct 15th 2010 the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God.   If I recall correctly we first got in contact  after I published and your site had not gone live yet.  Of course your site was in production longer and better laid out from the start,  mine was thrown together and it still is — how do I add a banner?  Took me a while just to learn how to do PDF's to JPEG, and to get an RSS feed going only 6 months .  Sheeesh!
    Keep up your great work I think your site is a real asset for Orthodox in the Portland area.  

    • Alexei Kojenov says:

      Anthony, well you are right! Although our site was under development and unofficial for quite some time, it went fully official at the end of October last year, so yes, yours is a week or two older.
      You keep up your great work too!

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