10 Days until OCF / Young Adult Retreat

Celebrate Pascha during Bright Week with fellow young adults in the Northwest. We've heard from more than 20 of you!

Register by Bright Monday for the upcoming Orthodox Christian Fellowship / Young Adult Retreat, April 20-22, at All Saints Camp in Gig Harbor, WA.

Presentations and workshops include:

  • In View of God's Mercy, Offer Your Bodies as Living Sacrifices: A Study in Romans for Today's Christian
    By Richard Benton, PhD, OCF University of Washington
    and Fr. Stephen Soot, OCF Regional Chaplain
  • Destructive and Addictive Behaviors: Seeking Help for You or Your Friends and Living in Honesty
    By Abbot Tryphon, All-Merciful Saviour Monastery
  • Orthodox Life and Career Planning: Christian Choices in a Materialistic Culture
    Fr. James Baglien, St. Martin ROCOR
  • Heaven Help the Single Christian: Stories of Prophetic Matchmakers and Romantic Pilgrimages
    Thomas Eric Ruthford, Author, Holy Resurrection
  • Faith in a Pluralistic Society: Witnessing to our Faith in an Honest and Appropriate Way while still Demonstrating Love and Respect for Others
    Fr. Stephen Soot, OCF Regional Chaplain, St. Anne's

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